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Every minute, about 240 babies are born on the planet with only 100 deaths occuring. In total, about 128 million babies are born per year (using the World Factbook, about 11M (8.6%) are white, 9.8M (7.7%) hispanic, 33.7M (26.3%) asian, 34.7M (27.1%), black, 13.8M (10.8%) middle eastern, and 25.1M (19.54%) indian). With only about 56M deaths per year (2.3 births for each death), world is growing by about 72M people per year. The following shows what happens on the planet EVERY TWO MINUTES. These new people need about 150 new acres (60 hectares) of farmland to produce enough food to eat (average world diet which is less than 1/2 a typical american's). Replay

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